3D Web Configurator
Officine Mistrello company with over 200 years of experience, world leader in the production of machines and storage systems for sheet material, acquired by Breton S.p.A. world leader in the production of stone and metal treatment machines.

Thanks to the parametric 3d web configurator, KJOSUL has built an experiential online path for customers who want to be able to customize their product to the maximum.

The only example in the world in the sector, a configuration that makes the most of space and fully satisfies the real needs of the customer, ensuring maximum storage yield.

The customer by defining the parameters in his possession is able to maximize the space available to him by creating the warehouse suitable for his particular needs.

We have won a technological challenge, we have been able to optimize the 3d visualization of warehouses the size of a shed while preserving the display detail typical of traditional photographs.