3D Configurator
 Web-based and realtime
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What we create

We deal with Kjosul, a project that incorporates numerous functions in the real-time three-dimensional configurators and displays.
We create VR, AR & 360 content for a wide range of purposes.

3D Web Configurator

Ours is a world of images and emotions.
It is essential for companies to show their products online.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a reality enriched with information, objects and “artificial” data, added to the normal reality.

3D Scan

Let’s imagine bringing a real object into the digital world.

Product Display

Real-time 3D rendering through the web

Web App Developement

Interactive 3D combines gaze and action.


In our 2 years of experience we had the opportunity to work
with many great brands. Have a look at our showcase or dive into our portfolio
to get an idea of how we can help you achieve your goals.

Who we are

“Unity is strength”. Nothing more true than in our case.
We are five partners with different personalities and backgrounds, a diversity that is wealth because it allows us to take on the problems of companies and solve them.

We deal with Kjosul, a project that incorporates numerous functions in the field of configurators and three-dimensional viewers in real time:

Current issues, which will be very present in the future. Just to give an example, we believe that the main development, especially in the e-commerce field, will take place through the web and mobile devices.

How we work

We take every situation, every case to heart. Our great experience allows us to advise and find the best solution together with the customer. Each configurator we make is unique, adapted to the customer’s needs. We never do a copy and paste.

First, we operate with experience. Kjosul Srl is young, it was born in June 2018, from Segnoprogetto (2006), a company verticalized to the realization of rendering in the architectural field, with a solid know-how in the three-dimensional field and Sediarreda company active online since 2000 in the e-commerce sector furniture. The know-how acquired over time has contributed to the creation of the first version of the 3D web configurator in real time: we wanted to bring the three-dimensional models of our customers to the web, and we wanted them photorealistic, without having to go through an App to download and then install, to these reasons we have married the WebGL technology.

Since then we have come a long way.

A valid team of collaborators works with us.
They are professionals we have chosen because they share our values. Together we collaborate with the Computer Science University of Udine, and this allows us to always have the most innovative solutions and is a great stimulus for our and our children’s growth.

There are many words that identify us and of these, we choose some that represent us more than others:

First of all. It is not an empty word, it is our DNA. Every client is important to us, we tackle every job with seriousness and competence. In addition, we respect delivery dates;

We don’t stop studying. We provide customers with tools to face the next
technological challenges, all of our models are ready to be included in future marketing tools that take advantage of both AR and VR technology.

Unlike the current competition we leave full ownership of all assets generated.

Yes, only with constancy and firmness can problems be thoroughly analyzed, even those that seem impossible, and find the best solution.

We are committed to creating a relationship of trust, we explain to customers the reasons why we carry out certain procedures and not others.

Made in Italy
Finally, we are Made in Italy.
Made in Italy is the set of products and services for which Italy is appreciated in the world: quality, innovation, creativity, design, customer care.

Let’s make something amazing together!

Who we work with

We’re proud to work with everyone.
From multinationals to local entrepreneurs.

Giuseppe Aquila
CEO of Elmo & Montegrappa, S.p.A

We had in mind to develop the first and the best fine writing instruments configurator in the world and have asked Kjosul to give shape to our thoughts. The result speaks for itself. The objective has been fully accomplished and is in constant evolution to offer our clients a unique, user-friendly and satisfying experience in every step of the configuration.

Sergio Prior
Marketing Manager - Breton SpA

At the beginning of this year they provided us with a configurator that in a few seconds and with great ease of use manages to define the optimal plate warehouse according to the space specifications (which can be defined a priori), or the number of plates needed.

Kjosul in Cloud